The HKM Blog will be a portal on what’s happening on the moth scene in HK, highlighting new publications, unusual observations, upcoming events and mothing issues impacting upon the HK mothing scene. I hope I will have time to post one or two items a week, but no promises, as I should be spending what little spare time I have getting the Illustrated Guide to the Moths of Hong Kong finished and published.

The Hong Kong Moths Blog is maintained (administered) by Dr. Roger Kendrick as a modus operandi to increase awareness about moths in Hong Kong and the regions, in particular with reference to the use of moths as a proxy for getting Homo sapiens to be a lot more responsible about our approach to living on the only planet we know supports life – including us.

Human greed is killing life on Earth, rather quickly. WE (every single one of us) must take action to reverse this situation. Burying our heads in the metaphorical sand and denying we are somehow separate from the rest of life on Earth is incredibly selfish and totally stupid. How do you explain your greed to your kids and their kids? There is NO justification. Get real; wake up and smell the roses (and all the other wonderful plants). It is high time to help heal Mother Earth.